Start By Writing a Good Research Proposal

You have probably already prepared yourself mentally for this project long before its start, but before you get going you need to do one last but very important assignment – you need to submit a proposal, which is a regular thing when you write academic term papers. It’s exactly what the term suggests, and it must get approved by your advisor before commencing work. In its most basic form it must answer a series of questions which include: What problem will your study attempt to tackle? Why is it important for those in your discipline that you conduct the study? Why are you so interested in the study? And how are going to go about conducting your study?

Be Sure to Conduct a Thorough Research

After receiving approval, you should prepare yourself to conduct your in-depth study. Some information can be found online – an exercise that is encouraged in order for you to put your work into some greater context – but the bulk of your work will likely occur in a lab or at the library. Don’t take your in-depth study for granted; you should expect to spend several weeks if not months just searching for information such as facts, data, quotations, and other details to support your hypothesis. So don’t wait until the last minute to get started.