How to make sure that a dissertation topic in management is good

There are many things to look out for to ensure that your dissertation topic in management is good. We will provide you with many sample topics to write about, however you should also understand the reason why these topics are so good. If you do not, then writing about a good topic alone will not be sufficient enough.


When choosing a topic for your paper, you need to make sure that you can produce and find adequate amount of research for it. Incorporating, and discussing, research is a pivotal part of your paper. If you fail to do this adequately, then you will struggle in terms of attaining high marks.

You can find the latest research in journals pertaining to your topic. This will be updated everyday and include the latest research released by academics. You should definitely get up to scratch with the latest developments, as well as background knowledge as you will need to discuss these topics in your paper.


Another aspect of choosing a good management topic, is that you should choose one that allows you to discuss many differing viewpoints pertaining to it. For example, you should mention any other methodologies you could have used instead of your own, and why you did not.

Another example is discussing different interpretation of your results, and why you do not agree with such interpretations. The right management topic will allow you to discuss these differing viewpoints, which will increase the likelihood of you being graded highly for your paper.


The following are some excellent topics to write a management dissertation about:

  • How can low cost airlines manage themselves to maintain their low prices?
  • How can banks in the UK leverage their relationship with sovereign funds?
  • How can supermarket rivals compete differently in their food and non-food segments of their business?
  • How does the management of Tesco US compare to the management of other supermarkets in the US?
  • How can high street retailers leverage their organizational culture?
  • How can corporations develop organizational culture?

As you can see, these topics will allow you to discuss a host of different opinions and viewpoints.

Composing a management dissertation can be daunting, but by choosing a good topic you can alleviate much of the stress and anxiety associated with dissertations for many students around the world.